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Am amused and confused in the rollercoaster of life with high anticipation that the amusement would outbalance confusion. Do please sit back, be amused and entertained but be you not confused.
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Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm Baaacckk!!

Hiya guys!

I am back and sorry for the sudden dissapearance. Thanks to Adam and OB, for if it wasn't their concern I would not have returned much earlier than expected.

Yes, I had been held back by few commitments that require my entire time and energy.

First of all, it is great to be back. I hope you'd continue visiting as your visits are the reason for me to blog.

There are so many things to blog about for my dissapearance in the blogworld has momentarily been replaced by eventful and memorable experiences. I shall blog about them soon. So tune in.

...err, and I can't wait to read your blog too!

Adieu for now.

Friday, May 27, 2005

B&B pudding, no, not Bed and Breakfast..

...but Bread and Butter !

Today we had bread and butter pudding for dessert. (Well, actually I ate it well before dinner but the rest, ate it for dessert). It was my first attempt preparing such a desert. I am not particularly keen on raisins when it comes to dessert but I guess this one is not too bad.

It wasn't one of the spur of the moment kinda thing. Mrs Z is nearly 5 months pregnant and is naseous to the smell of cooking and of course, her kitchen too. And so, being a person who loves to cook myself, I take charge of the kitchen almost every other day. Yes, I love to cook. I am not saying that I enjoy cooking 24/7, but, I enjoy cooking when knowing people are anticipating to eat what I am cooking.

2 days ago, Mrs Z requested bread and butter pudding. And hence the dessert today. And tomorrow, I am to fulfill Z request for a marble cake. Last week it was mee bandung, and last weekend, tauhu sumbat.

Back to b&b pudding. I shouldn't have put brioche for a 3rd layer. The top had gone dry since the custard could only soak up the first two layers.

If you'd like to give it a try yourself, here's a simple recipe for it.

Bread and Butter Pudding
1x tin evaporated milk
50g caster sugar
1 x egg
2 x egg yolks
1 x loaf of brioche (or several sweet potato buns you may find in Carrefour)
handful of raisins (or choc much as you wish)

Custard preparation
*Whisk egg and yolks together with caster sugar.
*On a pan, heat evaporated milk until it started to simmer. Take it off the heat and slowly whisk the milk gradually into the beaten egg.

*cut thin slices of brioche, buttered and arrange nicely (butter side down) into an oven proof dish to form a layer.
*scatter raisins on this first layer of brioche (alternative: choc chips)
*arrange another layer of brioche, and again, scatter the raisins over the 2nd layer.
*Pour custard mix over the brioche layers carefully as not to overflow. Push the top layer downwards slowly to ensure that custard soak up evenly.
*Place the dish into a bigger roasting pan filled with water, and bake it in the oven at 180 deg C for half an hour or until the custard has set.

..and voila..

I am too lazy to snap the photo of my b&b pudding. It has reduced to less than half of its original content anyway.....

But this is how it should look like

Good luck!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Zombie, me.....Please asleep, let me be.

Today I am practically a zombie.

I slept at 3-4 in the morning, woke up with eyes wide opened at 6am. Since it is soon summer, the sun is already up as early as 5am. So at 6am this morning, looked out the window and thought it is already 10 am but when I looked at the clock, No, it is only 6 am!

I couldn't go back to sleep. No, not that I couldn't but I can't.

It's already 8.15 am now. Am feeling sleepy but just can't drift to Slumberland.

This reminds me of my insomnia yrs ago. Total agony. No matter how you toss and turn in bed, countlessly adjust your pillow or pull over duvet/blanket, you just can't sleep. Thanks to the 'good-9-months' insomnia, I have two permanent black rings like the eyes of a panda.

And I hope I am not into that phase again.

I know there are times when I have overslept, but god, please just let me fall asleep, now..pronto.